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All pre-ordered Christmas Calendars have been shipped! Wohoo! ⭐ This week is BLACK WEEK!!! Please notice that orders might take longer to handle at the moment.⭐

"The little bit extra" Christmas Calendar 2022

1 282 kr

Extend the Christmas period by one week!

Why should presents only happen at Christmas? This is the ultimate calendar to really treat yourself!

Contains 31 bags with limited edition dies. One for each day of December! These dies will not be sold individually in the future and will be available through this calendar only!

NOTICE! The first 25 days have the same content as the regular Christmas Calendar. "The little extra" Christmas Calendar has additionally +6 bags limited edition dies.

We will ship the Calendars in November 2022.

The Calendars are produced in a limited amount. First come first served!

Pre-orders are open until August 31

SKU: Extra_Christmas_Calendar_2022